Looking after your HEXXIN mat

Our mats are timeless and enduring, promising beauty even in life’s messiest moments.

To keep them in top shape, simply wipe your mat down with a warm, soapy sponge or a trusty baby wipe before recommencing play.

They’re machine-washable (phewph) for when you need that deep clean after any ‘whoops’ spills or mishaps. Hang in the sun to dry.

Being incompatible with a tumble dry, we recommend just a gentle, cold cycle and a double-take to ensure your mat is nice and dry before folding it away.

Try to avoid any highly pigmented food and drinks when your bub is snacking on the mat. Also aim to keep the pens, acrylic and oil paints at bay.

Wrinkles? Just lay your mat outside on a sun-soaked afternoon or gently run over its underside with your iron on low heat.

For any other questions, be sure to email us at hello@hexxindesign.com